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PowerShell: Get Active Directory groups membership for a user

22/10/2013 2 comments


When you have to document every change  Because you’re committed to SOX regulation, you need to extract the data fast

This PowerShell script receive an AD username and export .csv with all Active Directory groups (for Fast Copy&Past).

import-module ActiveDirectory
$name = Read-Host ‘What is the username?’
$csvvv = “.csv”
Get-ADPrincipalGroupMembership $name | select name | Export-CSV ($name+$csvvv)

Save it as .ps1 and run it from the powershell command line,


OUTLOOK 2010 ERROR : cannot send this item

OUTLOOK 2010 ERROR :  cannot send this item


if u encountered this error msg you probably got nuts.

This one of the most frustrating issue I’ve ever encountered.

so u should be very happy to get here.

when it happen?

I’m usually getting this error msg  when I’m saving to drafts an email with an attachment (like PDF), and then trying to send it.

or if I’m writing an email 15 minutes , outlook is saving the email automatically.

why it caused?

my problem was the signature, I know it’s sound wired, but there is a bug in outlook and JPG signature.

what to do?

first of all try to delete the image from your signature.

then u can add it again but not at the same format.


hope it help you,

Mor Edelstein






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