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OUTLOOK 2010 ERROR : cannot send this item

OUTLOOK 2010 ERROR :  cannot send this item


if u encountered this error msg you probably got nuts.

This one of the most frustrating issue I’ve ever encountered.

so u should be very happy to get here.

when it happen?

I’m usually getting this error msg  when I’m saving to drafts an email with an attachment (like PDF), and then trying to send it.

or if I’m writing an email 15 minutes , outlook is saving the email automatically.

why it caused?

my problem was the signature, I know it’s sound wired, but there is a bug in outlook and JPG signature.

what to do?

first of all try to delete the image from your signature.

then u can add it again but not at the same format.


hope it help you,

Mor Edelstein






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how to resolve EV outlook add-in Error MSG: This version of the enterprise vault Outlook add-in is not compatible with the installed version of microsoft outlook

If u encounter with this error msg : ”

this version of the Enterprise Vault Outlook add-in is not compatible with the installed version of microsoft outlook.

contact your help Desk for details of how to resolve this issue.”

Do this folowing steps:

1)close outlook
2)open “regedit” (start->run->”regedit”->ok)

3) HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Outlook.Application

u should have 2 keys under:

if one of the keys not exist.
go to another computer that have no problem with EV outlook add in . and “Export” the missing key.
now, open it in your computer.

Windows Vista operating system not loading


In case Windows Vista operating system failed to start.

make this quick steps:

1)Insert windows Vista operating system disc.

2) choose repair.

3) Do not choose ” system restore”.

4) At the new window choose “command Prompt”.

5) Type the following command to create New “boot sector”:                         (alike fixboot/fixMBR in Windows XP)



bootrec /fixboot

If it’s not working type the following command :

bootrec /fixmbr.

Windows Vista operating system should loading now 🙂

How to Enable/Disable Usb port Via Regedit

Hi All,

To Enable or Disable  USB virtual ports via Regedit

1) Go to Regedit

Expand the hives:


2) In the right pane double click on Key labale ” start”  –>change the Value Data :

To Enable USB ports: change from 4 To 3.

To Disable USB ports: change from 3 To 4.

That’s it . Close regedit and restart your computer.

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How to fix Language Bar Missing issue (win vista/7)


This simple steps will resolve win vista/7 Language Bar Missing issue:

Method 1:

1)Go to Control Panel -> Regional and Language Option -> Keyboards and Languages -> press Change Keyboards. and add your language.

2)Go to language Bar -> make sure “Hidden” button is not selected. and Dock in the taskbar is marked.


Method 2

This method will enable the startup service required for language bar, when your all settings are correct as mentioned above.

1)go to registry editor ( start->run-> regedit) , Go to the following location:


2) Right click on run-> new- >string Value

3) Right click on newly value key (new value #1) -> press Modify-> type in “Value data” :


Press Ok and restart your computer.