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PXE not working after restating the sccm 2007 server

Hi All,

Our SCCM server contain the PXE Service Point and WDS (DHCP on another server) – The server is A Virtual Server

Every time we needed to restart the server, the PXE didn’t worked, and we received the cursed TFTP Error….

So i tried to fix this issue by removing the PXE Service point, and reinstalling, but  i needed to create distribution points again to all my software/images

So, after 6 month, i solves this issue

  1. Restart the WDS Service
  2. Restart The PXE Service
  3. Update the Distribution points of the Boot image, x86 and X64 as well, i don’t know why it’s worked, but it fixed it.



Enterprise Vault addon Icons Disappeared in Outlook (ResetEVClient.exe)

24/03/2011 13 comments


One of my users sayed to me that the EV icons disappeared,

So I closed all outlook processes and  Run The ResetEVClient.exe Tool (C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault\EVClient\ResetEVClient.exe)

The Icons was shown after opening the outlook again


How To Install The Accurate Driver Package For Specific Computer Model Using WMI Query (SCCM OSD)

Hi All,

This Howto guide will show you how-to install in the OSD TS the Accurate Driver Package For Specific computer model

First Create Driver Package For Each Computer Model

Then, In the OSD TS, Create Apply Driver Package For Each Model (Like The Picture Bellow)

Then, In the Option Tab, use WMI Query, to Determine If this Package Will Apply to this Computer

The syntax Shuld be like this:

SELECT Model FROM Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE Model like ‘%Latitude E4300%’

Thats it,