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SAP: Show Keys In All Dropdown Lists

16/12/2010 3 comments

Hello all SAP users\admin

In case you want to see SAP GUI’s Key in Drop Down Menu like this:

All You need is too set it up

first press the TV icon on the menu bar and then select the Option menu

Then navigate to Expert tab and check

    • Show Keys In All Dropdown Lists
    • Sort Items by Key

In The 720 Version of SAP Gui you the expert hide in here

Thats It

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This is something you all need to know and remember, as you might have noticed, the SCCM Server Brutally use all local hard-disk for Distribution Point,

If you want to avoid it, all you need to do is create a simple text file named NO_SMS_ON_DRIVE.SMS, leave this file empty and put it on the root folder on the partition you don’t want the SCCM take over it.

You cannot import a driver into an OSD image if the driver is signed for only the Windows 7 operating system in SCCM 2007 SP2

Hi All, I was trying to import Windows 7 Drivers to SCCM OSD BOOT IMAGE, and I got this messege :

The selected driver is not applicable to any supported Platforms.

So, After it Goolge it (It took me 5 Second), I found this HotFix:  You cannot import a driver into a OSD image if the driver is signed for only the Windows 7 operating system in SCCM 2007 SP2 (KB978754).

That born to FIX this problem (yeepi…)

So I request it from microsoft and get it to my email, After i installed it, I could import Wondows 7 Drivers to OSD

Thats IT

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Where Is My Emails (ipm_subtree)????


Have you ever tryed to drag your emails from the inbox to the Mailbox (Mistakenly)????

if you do so, the only way to find your emails  is to go to Tools -> Find -> Advanced Find

At the top of the Advanced Find window, change Look for to Any type of Outlook item

 Then click the Browse button and select the top level of the mailbox. On the Advanced tab,
click the Field drop-down and under All Mail Fields, choose In Folder

In the Value box, enter “ipm_subtree” without the quotes and click Add to List

now you can see the entire mailbox for items in the folder “ipm_subtree”.

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Windows Vista operating system not loading


In case Windows Vista operating system failed to start.

make this quick steps:

1)Insert windows Vista operating system disc.

2) choose repair.

3) Do not choose ” system restore”.

4) At the new window choose “command Prompt”.

5) Type the following command to create New “boot sector”:                         (alike fixboot/fixMBR in Windows XP)



bootrec /fixboot

If it’s not working type the following command :

bootrec /fixmbr.

Windows Vista operating system should loading now 🙂

Printing to a shared network printer in vista/7



When printing to a shared network printer in windows vista/7 you get the annoying following message:

To use the shared printer, you need to install the printer driver on your computer”

If you want to print you must press the install driver button and wait for a 30 seconds to 1 minute  until the document is sent to the printer

The solution to stop this message  is simple

Step 1:

On the local Vista/7 computer, open up Local Group Policy Editor by clicking on Start – > Run then type “gpedit.msc

Step 2:

Navigate to –> Local Computer Policy –> User Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> Control Panel –> Printers

Double click on “Point and Print Restrictions” and  choose the settings like the picture below

and that’s it, the annoying message will never pop-up.

now you can print a document Peacefully.

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How to Enable/Disable Usb port Via Regedit

Hi All,

To Enable or Disable  USB virtual ports via Regedit

1) Go to Regedit

Expand the hives:


2) In the right pane double click on Key labale ” start”  –>change the Value Data :

To Enable USB ports: change from 4 To 3.

To Disable USB ports: change from 3 To 4.

That’s it . Close regedit and restart your computer.

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